Apple iPod Touch Service in Chennai

At Broken Care, We provide a fast and efficient repair service for iPods from our Chennai Based service centre. We can repair anything from the most common of the Apple faults like smashed screens to one of the most demanding repairs such as liquid damage. All our repairs are comes under warranty for your peace of mind. Whether it is a mother board that needed to be replaced, problems with the power button, headphone jack, volume keys or even had water spilled over the device, we will sort it out for you on the very same day while you wait.

Our professionally trained engineers can look at your iPod Touch and discover whatever problem it is having and get to work on it as soon as possible. Most of the devices we work on will be back in the owner’s hands within a day. We use only OEM parts & Components for all our services. Broken Care can repair and replace virtually any component inside your iPod Touch usually within an hour. This is possible only because as we keep most spare parts in stock. we are specialists who diagnose and repair on the spot. We started an eleven years ago which makes us the longest-established independent Apple repair specialist and other mobile service experts in Chennai. .

Wen have fixed over 500 devices and offer a non query 90-days warranty for the work we done. If you’re out of Chennai, we can still help. Call us on 70929 11122 and ask us about sending your device in for diagnosis and repair. We will let you know how much it will cost before we start work on it.

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