iPad Repair Chennai

Looking for same day iPad screen repair or other iPad services in Chennai? We have the most experienced iPad repair technicians on hand to repair your iPad in as little time as possible. We provide our customers genuine parts fitted to the highest of standards in the service field.


iPad Service in Chennai

iPad repairs are carried out at Broken Care on a daily basis. We have highly skilled engineers that have been repairing ipad for years, Because the iPad is so popular, we always carry stock of various iPad parts. Most ipads can be repaired same day and cost is normally a little cheaper.

iPad Screen Replacement Chennai

The most common problem that we face with iPad is accidental damage. Most of the time, just the glass alone smash before the LCD is damaged but if the impact was particularly hard then this may unfortunately have damaged both parts. The back housing of the iPad is more flexible than previous models so can sometimes warp quite easily. We provide fast, efficient, and long-lasting iPad screen replacement services to the Chennai community. Our expert technicians can fix almost any fault you are experiencing with any model of ipad, most replacements are completed within 60 minutes.

iPad Battery Replacement Chennai

The second most common problem that we face with iPad is battery issue. We can see battery issues in devices from around 2 years old onwards. They only have so many charging cycles before you will notice a difference in its performance. We only ever use original batteries as some 3rd party batteries can cause problems. We need to dismantel the iPad as the battery is adheared to the inside of the back plate. We then swap it for a new battery and reasseble. The iPad then gets put through to our test bench where its charge and durability is tested before releasing it for dispatch.

iPad Charging Port Replacement Chennai

Are you experiencing issues with your iPad charging port? Are you struggling to put your charger into your device's charging connector dock? Have you tried many charging cables but your battery is still on the same percentage? If you are experiencing the above issues, it might be time to get your charging port repaired. If you're unsure if you need a repair or the dock just needs a clean, meet our repair specialists at Broken Care who can help! Our specialists are trained to repair charging dock of your iPad! Our engineers are highly experienced so there is no chance of any mistake and your device is completely safe with us.

iPad Camera replacement

Drops or collision to the camera areas can cause damage to the camera lenses. Sometimes a camera can fail due to electrical component failure. If the camera app is opened and shows a black screen and won't let you switch camera, this is due to one of the iPad camera being faulty. Dust and dirt can also find there way inside the camera lens. This can cause smudge to appear on the pictures taken. The first thing we do before any repair is test the iPad to confirm the fault. Our experts are here to help you, who replace the broken camera with a new one, test the picture quality and adhesive it back down. The iPad then goes down to our testing bench where all functions are tested prior to dispatch.

iPad Water Damage & Liquid Damage

As you can imagine, the main cause of liquid damaged is an accidental spill, flooding or being caught out in the rain. The liquid can cause a variety of issues to the display, battery, speaker/mic, chips and electronics of the motherboard including corrosion and chip failure. As we are experts at Broken Care, some customers are referred to us after this happens. Liquid damage has a varying severity depending on factors like how much liquid is on the board, the actions taken after the liquid damage happened and what parts of the electronics have been affected.

The charge for this service is non-refundable. It covers us diagnosing water lock faults, and the initial clean up of any damage using our advanced equipment. Sometimes, just cleaning up boards can repair a device and no further charge is required. Once we have cleaned up and diagnosed the fault, any extra parts or work needed will be quoted to you prior to continuing with any further chargeable work. If you decline any additional work, we will return your device without any further fees being applied.

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