iPhone 5s Repair Chennai

Are looking for a fast effective Apple iPhone 5s service, using genuine Apple parts and carried out by Trained Technicians, then look no further. You are at the right destination, We delight ourselves on being the best and most established repairers in Chennai.

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iPhone 5s Service in Chennai

If you are looking for a fast and effective Apple iphone repair, then look no further. We do services using genuine Apple parts and carried out by Trained Expert Technicians. Broken Care Centre repairs over 84% of broken iPhones screen in less than 40 minutes. If your iPhone 5s has broken down we can help: We repair any accidental damages including smashed or cracked screen, back panel, faulty charging ports, microphone issues, speaker issues and most other things in between.

We are providing iPhone service since 2008, covering but not limited to Egmore, Sanatorium and all the other locations in Chennai. Of course, our qualified expert technicians will make sure when you walk out of our service centre you are 100% satisfied with the work carried out on your device.

Our expert trained technicians also handle repairing and servicing all models of iphones. With our wide expertise in the field and excellent customer service we are known as the best Apple support service provider in Chennai. We are also the most trusted experts for service and repair of all models of iphones.

iPhone 5s Screen Replacement Chennai

Did you droped your iphone 5s? Is it still turning on? We can easily replace that for you! At Broken Care all our technicians go through vigorous training and are hand picked to ensure you get the fast, efficient and highest quality repair every single time with 6 month warranty. We use only Genuine Imported Spares for replacements, Most iPhone 5s screen repairs are completed in around 30 minutes! and free screen protection is available with any iPhone Repair service.

iPhone 5s Battery Replacement Chennai

Battery problems are the second most common issue of iPhone 5s. If your iPhone 5s battery empties out after every 1-2 hour, This usually happens due to overcharging of the battery. Our experts at Broken Care have over 10 years of experience in repairing mobiles and can do the iPhone 5s battery replacement and installation for you with a same day, with 90 days repair guarantee. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on our iPhone 5s battery replacement services.

iPhone 5s Charging Port Replacement Chennai

Charging Port is one of the most important parts of the iphone 5s and if this breaks then you won't be able to charge or sync your iphone, which can lead into ultimately not being able to use it at all! Replacing the iPhone 5s charging port will typically take us around 30-40 minutes. We take the phone apart, replace the dock connector and test it to ensure everything is working properly. Broken Care have the most extensive experience and skills to repair from simple connector replacements to Logic board level advanced IC.

iPhone 5s Software Update

Software can be malfunction at the best of times. If your operating system is slow, laggy has frozen or you have found yourself stuck permanently on the home screen or the Apple logo on the screen begins to loop or fade in and out continuously, You probably have a software fault. Thankfully, these issues can be resolved and function restored. Broken Care offers a range of services for any type of software malfunction.

iPhone 5s Camera replacement

Front and rear camera repairs are available for all iPhone models at Broken Care. If your camera is totally blacked out, unable to zoom, smashed, blurry or shaking. We can replace the camera unit and restore your photos back to the crisp quality you’re used to. iPhone cameras can be installed within no time and camera lens protection is also available in store.

iPhone 5s Water Damage

Have you accidently drop your iPhone 5s on any form of liquid? What to do when your iphone gets wet, firstly you should always power off the device and leave it off. Liquid damage repairs always come with risk, just by opening a heavily corroded device can kill it permanently. The cost of repair and as liquid damage comes with no guarantees and no warranty, We Specialize in dead phone and phone that others can't repair, our well trained Technician is fully Qualified on repairing your iPhone device.

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