iPhone 5S Back Housing Replacement

Back door glass is one of the most essential part of your iPhone 5S. It protects battery and clasp all the internal components together along with the LCD Screen.

Sometimes due to an unlucky incident or even because of regular usage, your iPhone 5S back cover may get scratched or cracked. If your iPhone 5S back cover has been cracked then it may require a new back cover replacement. At Broken Care, we provide you an original full back housing replacement. Our expert technicians have enough experience to work with your iPhone. With this repair you can protect your battery and other internal spare parts.

Looking for some other colour variation of your iPhone 5S’s back housing door cover? Is your iPhone 5S back door bend or damaged due to drop down? There is also attainable that the back cover might suffer a notable damage, due to falling on a hard surface. If your back cover get damage, then you should replace your iPhone 5S entire back housing. By placing new back door, you can reinstate the exquisite of your device to brand new!

iPhone 5S Back Housing Specification

  • Model Number - iPhone 5S
  • Back Housing Color - Gold / Sliver / Space Grey
  • Weight - 249 G
  • Replacement Time - Duration - 3 Hours
Apple iPhone 5s Back Housing Replacement
Apple iPhone 5s Back Housing Damage
Apple iPhone 5s Back Housing Damage